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For whom?

Are you an artist who performs for the audience and thereby delivers an artistic performance. Are you for example; musician, actor, acrobat, model, DJ or otherwise a performer and you earn money with it, then you have come to the right place.

We take all administrative and fiscal matters off your hands. Our practical approach ensures fast payment and your clients have security thanks to our IPV (Inhoudingsplichtigenverklaring), which we send with every invoice.

We pay artists according to the Artiestentabel with or without KVR (the Artiestenregeling and Kleine Vergoedingregeling), which do not work for more than three months on the same assignment. Note: You may have the same client.

The KVR offers the possibility of having a part of the fee (163 Euro) paid without tax after each remuneration. You must be able to account for these allowances afterwards by means of receipts and declarations by the Tax Authorities.

Are you not an executive artist, but do you want to freelance without a CoC, then you are more than welcome at


We love artists, so we offer our services from 2019 free and ad-free for artists.

Prae Artiestenverloning has existed since 2010 and since 2018 part of (remuneration of freelancers) and sister company of Loonloon (payroll administration) and Moodles (customized websites) that makes our service possible.

We wish you lots of fun, money and success with performance.

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How does it work?


If you also want to be paid for free, register online within 2 minutes. Verify your identity trough iDIN and upload your passport.


Add your clients to your secure account and invoice them for your services. Also as a group you can easily invoice with others (also with non-artists who are customers at


Remunerate yourself per day, week, month, with KVR or without. We pay you net within a working day. If you have an agent, we will pay it immediately after payment.